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The Best 2019 Youth ATVs for Off-Road Beginners

Written by David Glassman

With the snow melting, you and your family must be itching to get your four-wheeler out of the garage and hit the trails. Many families opt for multi-passenger off-road vehicles, but are unaware they can help their kids gain driving experience as early as 6 years old with lineups of youth ATV models from many of the major powersports manufacturers. There are a good variety of youth ATVs designed for your kid's smaller frame with safety features built in that teach them all the right habits from the beginning.

Polaris and Can-Am Deliver Safety, Value, and Fun for Your Child

When shopping for a youth ATV, you want your children to love their new four-wheeled machine. You also need to make sure the ATV is equipped with all of the right features and gear to make sure they can enjoy themselves as safely as possible. Two of the top performers in the youth ATV category are Polaris and Can-Am. Polaris has been building off-road rides since the mid-50s while Can-Am started their venture in 1972. With both companies delivering dependability and a solid reputation, you simply need to find the ATV with the features that work best for your young rider. Both manufacturers offer a variety of styles for children of ages as young as 6 as well as models for teens 14+.

Top Youth ATVs for Young Drivers (Ages 6+)

Polaris Outlaw 50

This small ride features a 23-inch tall seat, so even your first grader can reach the footrest and the handlebars at the same time. Your child learns how to accelerate, steer, and brake while under your careful supervision. The Outlaw 50 comes equipped with a helmet, safety tether, flag, and a video so your kid can learn to ride safely while on the trails with the family. The 49cc engine keeps everything under control with a parent-controlled speed limiter. Check it out in two available colors, Lime Green or Pink Power.

Can-Am DS 70

The 27-inch seat means that this four-wheeler fits your taller child with ease. Start up the DS 70 using the simple electric switch, or they can use the kick-start after riding for a while. The reverse and daytime running lights improve visibility and the rugged suspension gives them a smoother ride to help your child maintain his or her seat. There is a speed limiter included, but you will also want to pick up a helmet, flag, and tether.

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Youth ATVs that Add a Little Power for Your Preteen (Ages 10+)

Polaris Outlaw 110

This 112cc engine ATV comes out of the box with a top-speed of 15 mph set by the factory. Once your child gets some experience under their belt, you can adjust the limiter up to 29 mph. The 27-inch seat height and 41-inch wheelbase is sized for your growing preteen so they can get comfortable with their ride. Cool racing graphics give the Outlaw 110 some exciting style while the included helmet, flag, and tether promote responsible and safe riding.

Can-AM DS 90 X

Can-Am added a few grownup features to their DS 90 X like bar-style footrests in aluminum instead of the plastic foot rests found on the competitors. The suspension allows for an extra inch of travel that provides a better sense of control for the young rider. The squared-up racer handlebars teach your child to sit forward and actively maintain their balance. Similar in power to the Polaris, you will need to purchase the protective gear separately and, as always, provide proper adult supervision when your child is riding.

Off-roading Machines for Your Teen (Ages 14+)

Polaris Phoenix 200

If your teen is just starting out, the Phoenix 200 delivers a larger machine with a 200cc 4-stroke engine able to deliver a more spirited ride once they have mastered the basics. The PVT transmission takes care of shifting while the 3-gallon tank means they can ride all afternoon. The headlights include a high and low beam, and like the other youth ATVs, arrives with a speed limiter installed. Make sure to review the included safety video and consider signing them up for some lessons.

Can-AM DS 250

When your teen has been riding a smaller ATV and is ready for a bigger challenge, the Can-Am DS 250 delivers with a 249cc 4-stroke engine and a continuously variable transmission. Top speeds are still limited to 29 mph once the limiter has been removed, but the larger wheelbase, responsive throttle, and heavy body allow your child to put their abilities to the test. Even though they might look confident on their ride, parent supervision is still recommended along with a helmet, eye shield, and protective gear for a safer summer.

If you would like to check out a youth ATV for your child in person, come visit our showroom at Tousley Motorsports in White Bear Lake, MN. We can also help over the phone and ship your purchase. Be sure to ask about local ATV safety courses to help your child stay safe while riding their new machine.

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