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8 Easy Ways To Make Your Used Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Look Like New Again

Written by David Glassman

So you’re a Harley-Davidson owner living in Minnesota. Your Harley is stored away in a cold garage or pole barn during the long winters, and it’s driven to its limits during the short but glorious months of summer. These kinds of conditions can wreak havoc on a motorcycle; but with a few extra bucks and a little elbow grease, you can get that used Harley-Davidson looking like new in no time.

Here are 8 easy ways to make your used Harley-Davidson motorcycle look like a brand new stallion once again!

1. Remove Old, Tattered Accessories

Those tassels you have from ‘85 don’t look as good as they used to, your windshield has killed every bug from here to Sturgis, and your saddlebags have seen better days. It’s time to rid your ride of these aging accessories and give your Harley a fresher look. Consider removing and updating some of these accessories to achieve a new, more streamlined look.

2. Replace Seat Covers and Grips

Every time you ride your Harley, you’re putting more wear and tear on your seat and grips. For many riders, these are true signs of how often your bike is ridden and how well-kept a bike truly is. These new parts will not only make your motorcycle appear more youthful, but the updates will make your used Harley-Davidson safer and more comfortable to ride.

3. Bring Out the Tire and Leather Shine

Maybe your seats and tires could use a little shine. This is one of the most affordable ways to bring your Harley back to the glory days when you first bought it. And don’t worry, you can use the same products you use on your car to save money!

4. Consider New Tires and Rims

Sometimes it takes more than a little tire shine to make your old tires look like new. If your tires are worn down and your rims are full of nicks and scratches due to rocks and other road debris, it may be time to replace your Harley-Davidson’s tires and rims. This can be a bit costly, but your bike will have a fresh new look.

5. See the Road Better with New Headlights and Taillights

Just like a light bulb in your own home, the lights in your used Harley-Davidson will dim as time and miles go by. However, new bulbs will help your ride shine even brighter, literally and metaphorically speaking. And if you ride more at night, consider a brighter bulb to keep you safe on the road.

6. Update the Speakers and Radio

Before you know it, summer will be here, and there is only one thing better than cruising down the road in your used Harley-Davidson—some good tunes! Whether you’re cranking up Charlie Daniels, AC/DC, or Drake, a good speaker can improve your riding experience and provide your bike with a brand new sound.

7. New Paint

Is the paint on your used Harley-Davidson a bit dull or faded? Are there scratches from years of shoving your bike into storage? It may be time for a new paint job. Although this process can be a bit costly, it is a surefire way to make that old Harley look like it just came off the lot!

8. A Good Wash and Wax

And finally, a good wash and wax is the simplest and most affordable way to make that Harley shine again. Be sure to wash from the top down, get into all of the nooks and crannies, and use metal shine to polish up those chrome parts. Also, use a bug remover to avoid any acid-related damage from those pesky mosquito carcasas.

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David Glassman

David Glassman

David Glassman is President of Tousley Motorsports.

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