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Choosing a Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft: What to Know

Written by David Glassman

If you’re shopping for a new personal watercraft this year, you’ll want to decide exactly what kind of excitement you are looking for out on the lake, river, or even the ocean. Sea-Doo offers a full lineup of models that cater to your desire for extreme speed, gentle cruising around the marina, fishing, or even towing a tube. With a little research, there’s one ready to turn your summer into something wet and wild.

Sea-Doo has been designing PWCs for more than 25 years and focus on bringing you a machine with dazzling good looks, some serious muscle, and all the performance you desire.

Top Features to Consider

Think about how you see yourself using your new personal watercraft:

  • If you love taking off for a day of fishing in a remote corner of the lake, you will want a model with extra room for a cooler, storage for your poles, and a wider base so you can more easily move about the craft.
  • For towing a tube or wakeboard, you will need seating for three and some extra muscle in the engine.
  • When you just want a smaller watercraft able to ride between one pontoon party and the next, you can skip the extra seats and focus on improved performance, a more comfortable ride, and tech upgrades like GPS.
  • Of course, you can also score a ride ready to skip through the waves at high speeds and able to maneuver tight turns.

We've broken down some 2019 Sea-Doo models and paired them with the most popular lifestyle applications to help you find the one that’s right for you.

Search of Inventory of Sea-Doos

Exploring and Acceleration with the Family

The recreational segment is the most popular for new owners of a personal watercraft. These machines provide a nice balance between power and comfort—get ready to feel a rush of adrenaline while exploring your local lake or river. The GTI 90 / 130 features the smallest engine, the smart throttle control readily responds while the seat offers enough room for three. Enjoy some added response to the throttle with a slightly larger motor in the GTI SE 130 / 155.

All-Day Touring

For the rider that can do without the adrenaline rush of excess horsepower and wants to enjoy the long drive across the lake, a Touring personal watercraft may be the perfect fit for you. Switch on the Bluetooth audio system, connect your smartphone, store it in the water-tight container, and enjoy your favorite playlists all day on the GTX Limited 230 / 300. The iControl key system provides added security as the ignition will only fire with your specific key. A tilt-steering bar and boarding ladder see to your comfort and increase ease of use.

Sport Fishing

A personal watercraft can be the perfect solution to your desire for private time on the river without having to maintain an oversized boat. Designed to cater to your needs, these sport fishing rides take care of your tackle while adding some high-tech features you have always wanted.

The longer and wider design of the Fish Pro provide a more stable base for casting and following the line around your craft. The unique bench seat allows for movement from one side to the other without the extra bolstering that will just get in your way. The LinQ system helps you secure your cooler, poles, and net even while underway. There’s even a navigation system and fish finder, so you can finally find the big one.

Tow Sports

Do you picture yourself riding a tube or wakeboard behind your PWC? Make sure it has the extras you need to stay safe, including enough room for the driver, observer, and the tube rider. The tilt steering on the Wake Pro 230 helps the driver stay in control while the LinQ system offers a quick-connect for your ski pylon and extra cargo box. Store extra towels and vests in the front storage compartment. Step down into the Wake Pro 155 and use the Ski Mode on the throttle control to maintain a consistent speed for safer towing.


Now that you’re serious, check out these Performance PWCs tricked out to deliver the most muscle while helping the driver maintain their seat with an ergonomic design.

The RXP-X 300 is designed to seat just two, but attains 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds. The narrow racing seat, angled footwell wedges, and adjustable handlebar rise offer greater comfort and control while bouncing over the waves.

With room for three onboard, the unique race hull design of the RXT-X 300 increases stabilization while improving initial acceleration. Special X graphics, gauges, and colors set this ride apart from the other competitors. Discover the extra conveniences of the RXT 230, including the LinQ cargo system, watertight phone box, and the easy-access front storage bin. Find all the performance features from the top of the line models while the lightweight design of the GTR-X 230 helps you haul it to and from the lake.

Remember to Gear Up for a Safe and Fun Day on the Water

Even if your new Sea-Doo PWC is missing a few added features, you can always accessorize to guarantee a great day on the water. Every rider will need a life vest and it's a good idea to pick up a cover to protect your ride in the off-season. Check out the LinQ compatible coolers, racks, and storage bins. If your PWC is a little too big for easy mounting, consider adding on a step or boarding ladder.

Are you ready to step into a new personal Sea-Doo watercraft for the 2019 season? Call, click, or come on down to Tousley Motorsports in White Bear Lake, MN and we'll be happy to help you find the one that best fits your summer plans.

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David Glassman

David Glassman

David Glassman is President of Tousley Motorsports.

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