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The 2016 Polaris Snowmobiles: 11 Reasons to Look Forward to Winter

Written by Michael Bauer


Winter is coming. That means it's time to start thinking about how you'll enjoy the outdoors when the snow finally arrives. That might mean a new snow shovel or two, a new coat and boots, but there's nothing better than a brand new snowmobile in the garage to make you look forward to the coldest season of the year.

If you're trying to decide which snowmobile to buy this winter, here's a look at the new Polaris snowmobiles for sale at Tousley Motorsports.

The 2016 Polaris Snowmobile Lineup

1. Pro-RMK 155 (Trail Performance) Pro-RMK 155 | 2016 Polaris Snowmobiles

With a brand new suspension system to offer a smoother ride than ever before, the Pro-RMK 155 comes with a 2 injector Cleanfire fuel system, so the fuel burns clean and offers the best horsepower possible.

Designed specifically for trails, the 155 is the smaller of the two brand new Pro RMK models, so this is a great option for riders who want to drive amongst the trees.

2. AXYS RMK (Trail Performance)AXYS RMK | 2016 Polaris Snowmobiles

The AXYS RMK features a brand new, patented and raised chassis. This provides additional clearance for trails and it also cuts down on drag as well. This way, it allows for easier movement no matter how heavy the trails.

With a lightweight and rigid suspension, the AXYS RMK glides over bumps on the trail. Those shocks make it the perfect Polaris for balance and it really takes trailblazing to an entirely new level.

3. Switchback Adventure (On & Off Trails)Switchback Adventure | 2016 Polaris Snowmobiles

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide between an on or off-trail snowmobile. The Polaris Switchback Adventure is an excellent hybrid between the two. It features almost a completely brand new chassis, designed with 93% new parts from the 2015 model. It offers flatter cornering without dragging down on speed.

With lower clearance than the RMKs, it can reach higher speeds. The lightweight, rear suspension is constructed out of forged aluminum for a lighter design, which helps improve safety while also boosting speed potential as well.

4. Pro-S (On & Off Trails)Pro-S | 2016 Polaris Snowmobiles

The Pro-S features the same chassis as the Switchback Adventure. It also uses its patented AXYS front suspension system. The two injector Cleanfire fuel system allows for a clean delivery to the engine.

With a seat placed directly in the middle, this Polaris snowmobile is designed to allow the rider to decide the kind of ride they want. Riders can lean forward for added speed, or sit back to slow down the snowmobile for a gentler ride.

5. 800 SKS 155 (Deep Snow)

800 SKS 155 | 2016 Polaris Snowmobiles

For riders who live in deep-snow areas, having a snowmobile that handles the deeper snow is a must. The 2016 800 SKS 155 is designed of lightweight material so it can stay on top of the snow, and yet it is also one of the strongest Polaris snowmobiles on the market.

The 800 SKS 155 has a raised AXYS RMK Chassis to cut down on drag while using a three stage electronically controlled exhaust. Its soft and flexible lug contact helps it stay on top of heavy snow.

6. 800 RMK® Assault® 155 3" (Deep Snow)800 RMK® Assault® | 2016 Polaris Snowmobiles

The 2016 800 RMK® Assault® 155 3" is another lightweight Polaris snowmobile designed for heavy snow. Most of the time, snowmobiles caught in heavier snow banks are not designed for the deeper snow and are simply too heavy. With the 2016 800 RMK® Assault® 155 3", everything is designed to be lightweight and to improve lift and clearance.

The entire AXYS suspension and brake system runs throughout the snowmobile's body, allowing for an easier time to move through heavier snow banks. It also uses a gripper ski type to pull snow underneath and keep it riding tall.

7. 600 INDY® Voyageur 144 (Recreational Utility/Value)600 INDY® Voyageur 144 | 2016 Polaris Snowmobiles

For snowmobile enthusiasts looking for a long distance vehicle, it's important to find a larger, heavy duty device that can take just about anything the great outdoors can throw at it. With its Pro-Ride Chassis, the 2016 600 INDY® Voyageur 144 fits the bill.

The Pro-Ride chassis is designed for nimble handling while controlling a heavier design. The 600 Indy Voyageur also boosts fuel economy with its slightly smaller 600 Cleanfire Engine. This extends potential travel distance without adding a bigger gas tank.

8. 550 INDY® LXT (Recreational Utility/Value)550 INDY® LXT | 2016 Polaris Snowmobiles

In order to improve long distance performance, the 2016 550 INDY® LXT uses a Pro-Ride chassis that is 300% stiffer than the lighter weight chassis used in other Polaris snowmobiles. The coil-over suspension allows for better flotation in deep snow, while its smaller 600 Cleanfire engine boosts fuel economy.

This is a long range snowmobile designed to handle just about any location. It also comes with a cargo rack and backrest to help alleviate backaches while also adding storage on long trips.

9. 600 INDY® (Recreational Performance)600 INDY® | 2016 Polaris Snowmobiles

The 2016 600 INDY® is one of the staple snowmobiles from Polaris. It uses the Pro-Ride chassis, which again is 300% stronger and stiffer for excellent handling. It is designed for fast performance and racing.

While the Pro-Ride chassis is stronger, it is also far lighter than other chassis, allowing the device to chisel away at the weight. This is used in conjunction with the INDY Coupled rear suspension. The suspension offers a smooth ride and helps cut out bumps along the way.

10. 800 INDY® SP ES (Recreational Performance)800 INDY® SP ES | 2016 Polaris Snowmobiles

For riders who are looking for a fun fast snowmobile that can perform in most weather conditions (outside of extremely deep snow), the 2016 800 INDY® SP ES is an excellent option. It uses an 800 Cleanfire Engine that is liquid cooled. This semi-direct fuel injection engine is extremely responsive, so when a rider wants to accelerate, the fuel hits the engine quickly and helps the rider throttle up.

Its wider surface Pro-Ride seat is designed for the utmost comfort, regardless of if a rider is sitting down or standing for jumps and hills. The 2016 800 INDY® SP ES is an excellent value snowmobile from Polaris and a great investment for anyone looking to prepare themselves for some winter fun.

11. 120 INDY® (Youth)

120 INDY® | 2016 Polaris SnowmobilesThe 2016 120 INDY® is perfect for children who are looking to join in on the fun and want to sit behind the handlebars of their own snowmobile but who are simply too light and small to control an adult snowmobile. This youth model from Polaris is a great way for children to learn how to steer and handle the snowmobile before moving up to something larger.

The 120 INDY features a safety tether that shuts off the engine if the rider falls off or moves from the seat. Its 120 cc four stroke engine is also small, yet powerful enough to allow children to move through lighter snow. The seat storage compartments are also perfect for holding extra gloves and masks in case any are lost along the way.

This miniature Polaris snowmobile makes for a great gift and helps children feel included with the rest of the family. It might not have the same speed, but it does feature excellent safety features to ensure children are always safe while riding.

The 2016 Polaris snowmobiles lineup has a lot to offer the outdoor enthusiast.

Whether you're looking for a high-performance model, a snowmobile you can enjoy off the beaten path or one for the whole family, you're sure to find the right snowmobile for you. Stop by Tousley Motorsports to see our entire selection of new and used snowmobiles in our climate-controlled showroom.

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Michael Bauer

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