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7 Tips for Summer Snowmobile Storage

Written by David Glassman

As the temperature gets warmer outside, it’s time to think about storing your snowmobile. Proper storage ensures that your snowmobile will be in exceptional condition and ready to ride when you pull it out next winter. Below are some tips for keeping your snowmobile looking its best and performing well year after year.

Tip #1: Wash Your Sled

Your snowmobile takes a lot of abuse throughout winter. Mud, dirt, particles, and salt can cause corrosion and eat away at the metal parts and your panels. Therefore, you should wash your sled before storing it away. This will remove the corrosive materials and preserve your machine throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

The best way to clean your sled is by simply using soapy water, a sponge, and a hose. Soak the sled down first, then add the soap, scrub it with the sponge, and then give it a thorough rinse. Make sure you leave no soapy residue anywhere on the surface or around the parts. Finally, use a protective polish or wax to prevent particles or substances from sticking to the surface. Wax will protect your sled’s beautiful finish.

Tip #2: Add a Fuel Stabilizer

If you leave fuel in the snowmobile over the summer, the vapors from the solvents in the gasoline can corrode the carburetor. To prevent corrosion, add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank while the sled is running. Then turn the sled off and the machine is ready to store.

Tip #3: Change the Oil

The more you use your snowmobile, the dirtier the oil becomes. Therefore, you should change the oil just before you store the sled. Changing the oil will remove the impurities and provide the sled with a fresh new batch. It’s better to change the oil before you store the machine instead of letting it sit in the oil tank all summer long.

Make sure you give the machine a complete oil change. Meaning, flush out the oil instead of just adding new oil. Also, change the chaincase oil to coat the gears with clean oil.

Tip #4: Change the Brake Fluid

Fresh brake fluid drastically improves the performance of your brakes and gives you peace of mind when you first pull your snowmobile out next season. As with oil, you should change the brake fluid before you store the sled instead of waiting until you pull it back out. That way, dirty brake fluid doesn’t sit in the system all summer long.

Tip #5: Lube Your Snowmobile Chassis

Lubing all the snowmobile chassis parts accomplishes two goals. First, it reduces friction and keeps the parts moving smoothly. Second, it prevents corrosion that can arise in the parts during storage. Make sure you lube all the parts thoroughly so that they’re ready to go at the beginning of winter.

Tip #6: Cover Your Snowmobile

Bugs, animals, dirt, particles, and moisture will all try to invade your snowmobile this summer. Therefore, you should cover your sled completely to prevent anything from getting inside. Use a fitted cover or tarp. This will prevent water, dirt, or particles from building up. Make sure you tighten the cover and fill in any open areas to prevent pests from nesting inside.

Tip #7: Elevate Your Snowmobile

One of the best ways to protect your snowmobile from animals, flooding, or unauthorized users is to lift it off the ground. Using a lift, you can store the sled in a dry storage area. An added benefit to elevating the snowmobile is that it removes pressure from the rear suspension. Tousley Motorsports carries Wildfire Lifts to make it easier to store all your vehicles during the summer months.

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David Glassman

David Glassman

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