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Top 4 Features of Polaris Slingshot

Are you dreaming of a new motorcycle or perhaps a convertible? The Polaris Slingshot satisfies your need for a sleek and sporty ride while blending the best of both worlds in the new autocycle segment. Certified to run on any public road across America, its two front wheels and wide rear wheel provide the stability you find in a car while its open, minimal cockpit brings the spirit of a bike to the fore. In 40 states, you only need a standard driver's license to hop behind the wheel.

CanAm Spyder vs Polaris Slingshot Review


So you’re looking for a new toy for the garage and you’re considering a CanAm Spyder and a Polaris Slingshot because they’re both different than what you’re used to seeing on the road. Despite the fact that they’re both 3-wheeled rides sporting 2 of their wheels in the front, these 2 are very different from one another, even when it comes to license endorsements needed to ride/drive them.

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