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Tousley Motorsports is Now a Timbersled® Authorized Dealer

Written by David Glassman

From its humble beginnings in a single bay at Tousley Ford in the 1970s to today’s 25,000 square-foot showroom, Tousley Motorsports has continued to add new lines of recreational vehicles and accessories to its inventory. Now, we’re growing again: we became an authorized dealer for Timbersled® Systems as of late 2018. These ski systems fit many off-road and motocross bikes from the early ‘90s to today.

Timbersled® History

Like Tousley Motorsports, Timbersled® started out small with just a couple’s idea. Allen and Natasha Mangum started building the Timbersled® Systems in 2008 after Allen rode a snow bike and realized he could build a better system and the Timbersled® concept was born. He used his experience in building and modifying mountain snowmobiles to help him build the best system available for motocross and off-road bikes.

By 2009, he tested a prototype for the Timbersled® on a trail ride alongside others using different snow bike systems. After reaching the top of the mountain before any of the others, he realized that he had come up with game-changing technology. In 2010, the first Timbersled® System was produced in Ponderay, Idaho and five years later, Timbersled® was acquired by Polaris. Now, we are happy to welcome the newest member of the Polaris family to Tousley Motorsports: the Timbersled® System!

In many parts of the country, you can only ride your dirt bike part of the year. Don’t you wish you could ride it year-round? Well, now you can. With Timbersled®, convert your ride from a dirt bike to a snow bike in just a couple of hours. In the spring, convert it back to a dirt bike again. Timbersled® Systems fit a wide range of motocross and off-road dirt bikes.

Finding Your Timbersled® System

The Timbersled® System has a rear track and front ski system that bolt onto your bike to replace the tires. Different systems are available for those with different terrain and riding style preferences. Once you choose the system that best meets your needs, you then have to purchase an install kit that is specific to your dirt bike and the system you choose. But don’t be intimidated—installation is simple and only takes a couple of hours for an entire season of fun.

The fixed strut install kit is an inexpensive option that gets new riders started out. For the more seasoned rider, the suspension strut kit has an upgraded shock and gives you an additional 8.5 inches of rear suspension travel. The suspension strut kit is adjustable and restores your bike’s natural suspension, feel, and pivot point for 70 percent more rear suspension travel. It is used to install the Timbersled® System with a FOX engineered air shock.

Ready to choose your system? The first place to start is probably with the ST 120 RAW. It’s built for snow riding beginners who are looking for a high-quality Timbersled® System packed with performance, yet is economical. Take advantage of both hardpack and powdered snow with an aluminum side panel design that makes it strong, yet light.

Take on the wilderness with the ARO 120. It’s best for those who are all-terrain riders in areas with mountains, meadows, ditches, and tight trees. The easiest Timbersled® System to install allows you to hit a pillow or drop a cornice and is designed for 250 cc or larger dirt bikes. You’ll be able to take your system across powder, hardpack, or even on a steep side hill. This kit comes with a 120-inch Timbersled® Traverse Track, a Timbersled® Traverse Ski, FOX® ZERO Pro® shocks, a spindle and EK X-Ring chain.

Do you play rough? The ARO 120 SX is for those who love huge back-country drops or race track holeshots. This version has the best handling capabilities of the systems and is made from aluminum for added strength. The 120 SX has components built to withstand roughhousing, including a pre-bled brake system, FOX® 1.5 Zero LSC-R shocks, a race spindle, tunnel doubler plates, and heavy-duty suspension components.

If you like versatility but you need more flotation, the ARO 129 LE is for you. This version gives you an additional 12 percent flotation compared to the ARO 120 SX. You’ll also notice the ease of installation with its bolt-on spindle and pre-bled brake system.

Extreme back-country riders usually choose the ARO 137 because of its proven performance in tough terrain. Adventure seekers prefer this version, designed for 450 cc or larger bikes and breaking trails in deep powder.

Is most of your riding with family, or maybe you have a smaller bike? The ST 93 Ripper is new for 2019 and is made for family riding, since it’s for riders with 110 cc dirt bikes. It features an adjustable ride height for confidence and control (and growing children). It has improved on- and off-trail performance. This kit comes with a 93-inch track, a Ripper ski and RiderFX® shocks.

Timbersled® System Accessories

Timbersled® accessories include clutch kits, installation kits, electrical and lighting accessories, portable power, storage, protection, suspension upgrade kits, and more. We even have the Voyager Gauge, which allows you to create and log trails so you can share them with your friends. You’ll also be able to monitor voltage, engine temperature, the ambient temperature, how far you rode, the elevation you are at and more.

Clutch kits are available for several makes of bikes. These include features such as a Rekluse clutch cover, core (billet!), a TorqDrive clutch pack, and an XP auto clutch. Features vary depending on which clutch kit you choose.

Accessories to protect your bike, such as bumpers in several colors, handlebar gauntlets and ARO snow flaps are also available. For snow safety, check out the PIEPS Powder BT Beacon. It allows group checks and sends a beacon if you are accidentally buried in the snow.

If you don’t see a specific accessory in our inventory, ask us and we’ll be happy to order it for you.

Visit Tousley, Your Timbersled® Authorized Dealer Today

As a Timbersled® authorized dealer, our team will help you choose the best Timbersled® System to fit your bike and style of riding. The systems are designed to be installed easily, but if you need assistance installing your chosen system, we will help. Stop by our store or visit our website to shop inventory or get more information on the Timbersled® Systems available.

David Glassman

David Glassman

David Glassman is President of Tousley Motorsports.

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