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Our Favorite Warm Weather Motorcycle Gear

Written by David Glassman

Summer weather is coming and that means the heat and humidity will be following close behind. Be sure that your gear also changes with the season so that you can stay cool, dry, and protected while being comfortable riding all summer long. Whether you’re looking for a new vented helmet, a mesh and vented jacket, gloves, or pants, Tousley Motorsports has you covered and protected.

Vented Motorcycle Helmets

The two most common types of motorcycle helmets are full-face and half helmets. Half helmets cover roughly half to two-thirds of your head and do not provide any face shield. Full-face helmets provide protection to your whole face and most full-face street helmets provide a shield for your eyes.

While half helmets provide a good amount of ventilation due to the missing shield, full-face helmets provide a variety of ventilation options. During the warmer months, helmets with good ventilation can keep you cool and protected. The HJC Trion Series or the Bell Qualifier series helmets are both great summer options. We recommend looking for helmets that are racing oriented because they usually will have better airflow than other full-face helmets. If you still can’t decide which helmet will work for your ride, drop by Tousley Motorsports and speak with an expert to find the helmet right for you.

Mesh and Vented Motorcycle Jackets

Besides helmets, jackets are another critical piece of protection a rider should have. But, depending on which type of jacket you own, you may not be prepared for 80- or 90-degree days. A great way to stay comfortable and protected during the summer months is to own a hot weather motorcycle jacket.

Hot weather motorcycle jackets are made with plenty of mesh materials and cooling vents providing airflow and breathability while you are riding, ensuring you don’t overheat on those hot summer days. Another benefit of these jackets is that you don’t sacrifice comfort for protection. Today’s jacket materials provide crash protection and armor where you are most vulnerable if an accident were to occur.

Some bikers prefer to own leather jackets because of their great protection qualities. The only issue with leather is that during the warm summer months leather doesn’t tend to breath, turning you into a hot sauna. If you would like to stick with a leather jacket, we recommend looking for a jacket that provides enough ventilation for you to be comfortable during those hot Minnesota months.

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Textile Pants

Wearing pants during the heat of the summer is not something most people want to do, but it’s necessary for adequate protection. Textile pants have a comfortable mesh liner that keeps you cool with laser-cut ventilation for breathability. Plus, they’re lightweight.

Invest in a pair like the Fly Racing Kinetic Shield Pants, which feature a pocket inside the waistband and have leather heat shield panels with DuPont KevlarR stitching. The light cotton fabric main shell of AlpineStar Motochino Pants is light enough to keep you cool and strong enough to protect you. For maximum comfort, try FOX Racing Airline Pants that blend a four-way stretch material and have a Rider Attack Position construction, so riding a bike is comfortable.


Gloves protect your hands from road burn if you wreck as well as prevent fatigued fingers, which can make being on the road less safe. Lightweight gloves keep your hands from sweating during the warmer months and add warmth during the cooler months. When looking at new gloves, make sure you are looking for a pair with some serious ventilation but also provide armor in high impact areas.

Fly Racing Lite Hydrogen Gloves are ultra lightweight racing gloves that are strong enough to protect your hands, yet light enough to make it feel like your hands are bare. Fly Racing CoolPro II Gloves have a reinforced Clarino palm to protect from scrapes if your hand makes contact with the pavement, plus expanded mesh back panel to keep you cool. For a more luxurious glove, look for 100% I-Track Gloves. They have a single-layer stretch suede palm for less bunching and a 3mm-thick padded foam thumb overlay.

Rep your favorite brands on and off your bike with shirts, jackets, and gear meant to keep you cool while offering protection on the road. Visit Tousley Motorsports for all of your warm weather riding gear.

David Glassman

David Glassman

David Glassman is President of Tousley Motorsports.

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