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9 Winter Maintenance Tips to Keep Your ATV or UTV Ready for Spring

Riding your ATV or UTV in the winter means that you must continue to maintain it against the frozen elements. You also have to use lubricants and fluids that are meant for the cold weather. Even if you’ve kept your UTV or ATV maintained throughout the winter, you will need to bring it in for maintenance at the end of the winter season since the cold and wet conditions play havoc with controls.

Bucket List Off-Road Destinations: Johnson Valley

Anybody who owns a side-by-side gets to the point where piloting your way through the same trails can feel repetitive and you feel a need for a new adventure or challenge. It’s time to load up the trailer and find some true bucket list destinations that offer a variety of off-road challenges that combine amazing scenery and a unique experience for the entire family. One of the most popular off-road destinations in America (and one of our bucket list destinations) is Johnson Valley, CA. Once you discover what all the excitement is about, you’ll be itching to pack up for some epic climbs and lake bed fun.

The Hottest Motorcycles of 2019

If you're looking for a new bike from the 2019 class, we've rounded up some of the top models for you. Honda and Yamaha both have two 2019 options that are definitely worth a closer look. Whether you are looking for a comfortable four-cylinder like the Honda CB650R or are considering the NIKEN GT luxury package from Yahama (or something in between) we've got you covered. We understand that there isn't just one kind of motorcycle enthusiast, and these four options show just how diverse the industry's top motorcycles are for riders to find a bike that best fits their needs.

Hammerhead Go-Karts: The Perfect Family-Friendly Off-Road Vehicle

Is your child constantly begging to visit the go-kart track, or better yet, get their own ride? Go-karting offers a boatload of fun for the whole family that you can easily bring home to unleash the thrill of motorsports in your own backyard. The kids will get outside in the bright sunshine while learning how to safely control a vehicle over off-road courses. You get the adrenaline rush of conquering your own motorsports park featuring tight turns, mud puddles, and plenty of adventure.

Crowning the 2019 King of the Hammers UTV in Johnson Valley, CA

If you love taking your side-by-side off-roading, you have probably heard of the great King of the Hammers annual racing event in Johnson Valley, CA. For one week every year in February, Hammertown pops up out of the desert as over 50,000 off-roading fans and competitors come together for fun driving over sand and climbing an avalanche of rocks.

Tips For Bringing Your UTV to the Ice

The best way to get to the ice is with your UTV. It can haul a small ice fishing shed and your fishing or ice skating gear without worrying about getting stuck. Enjoy ice skating and ice fishing on that pond or lake that’s only accessible by snow machines or other off-road vehicles with these tips:

Our Favorite Spots for Snowmobiling in Minnesota

Whether you enjoy a ride cruising over deep powder, dodging through the trees, or climbing the hills, Minnesota is the place for snowboarding action. This winter, check out new destinations or revisit some old favorites here in the North Star State.

4 Extreme Winter Motorsports Competitions You Can’t Miss

Whoever said you should stay indoors during the winter has clearly never seen a quad jump through a ring of fire, a snowmobile sludge through 2,000 miles of Alaskan wasteland, or a 100-foot death-defying snowmobile jump over Aspen.

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